Join JFYNetWorks May 31-June 1 at MassCUE 2024: “Leveling The Playing Field” 

JFY at MassCUE*

JFY at MassCUE 2024, Booth #9

by Gary Kaplan

AI plus Blended Learning

JFYNetWorks is presenting its Blended Learning methodology and its new AI teacher assistant tool at the MassCUE spring conference May 31 – June 1 at Polar Park in Worcester, the home of the Worcester Red Sox. The theme of this year’s conference is Leveling the Playing Fielda core equity objective of JFYNetWorks.

Please join us for three opportunities to engage with our Blended Learning and AI techniques.

  1. We will present an Ed Talk at 10:45 on Friday May 31 featuring our ELA and math partners at East Boston High School. This presentation will demonstrate how teachers at EBHS use our blended online ELA and math programs to provide individualized instruction to students. JFY has been working with EBHS since 2015. In the first post-pandemic year 2022, EBHS closed its pandemic gaps in both ELA and math, regaining most of its 2019 achievement levels in the aggregate and for subgroups. This talk will illustrate how it was done.
  2. At the Innovation Fair, JFY will introduce our new AI-powered system for analyzing and critiquing student writing. We call it the JFY/AI Teacher Assistant. Of the 3 Rs, writing is the most neglected and the most challenging. MCAS results document the need for more writing practice. But writing assignments generate papers that teachers have to grade by hand. Unlike reading and math assignments, writing cannot be graded by software. Until now. This interactive demonstration will enable participants to write critiques of student papers and submit the papers to JFY’s AI evaluation system for comparative  feedback. The demo will explain the use of rubrics, benchmarking and prompt engineering. The time of this 90-minute demonstration has not yet been set.
  3. JFY will also maintain an exhibition booth throughout the two days of the conference, with staff available for consultation and demonstrations.

JFY has been in the forefront of education innovation since our founding in 1976. We were among the pioneers in using the personal computer to transform teaching and learning. JFY has always considered technology a tool for teachers, never a replacement. We have adopted the common term Blended Learning to describe the absorption of technology into pedagogy.  We are now incorporating Artificial Intelligence, the next wave of innovation, into our practice.

JFY’s data-driven, research and outcomes-based system includes ongoing training and support for teachers and continuous assessment of student progress. We call our methodology AIMS – Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support. 

*Founded in 1982, MassCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using Educators) is the state’s leading professional organization for educators practicing digital teaching and learning. Their spring conference is an annual highlight, an opportunity for educators to connect with colleagues and learn about ideas and digital learning tools that are changing the game in education.


Gary Kaplan is the executive director of JFYNetWorks.

Other posts authored by Gary can be found here.

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