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Our Mission

…is creating opportunity 

JFYNetWorks’ mission is to provide educational opportunities to help young people overcome social and economic inequities

Our medium is blended learning.

JFYNetWorks creates opportunity by using the technology of student-centered blended learning to help young people develop the skills to thrive in the global workplace. By working with teachers, blended learning offers students flexibility around the time and pace of their learning, whether in or out of the classroom. The range of online material in blended learning enables teachers to differentiate instruction for students’ individual learning styles and skill levels.

Our methodology is student-centered instruction.

For four decades, JFYNetWorks has been developing and delivering education and job training programs that equip young people with the skills needed to succeed in our changing economy. JFYNetWorks brings data-driven student-centered instructional resources and assessments into classrooms, supports teachers and students in using these tools effectively, and ultimately helps students graduate from high school and enter college at the credit-earning level, or pursue skilled career training.

JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness


Helps all students work toward grade-level academic standards.

Helps high school students reach college and career readiness by building the skills needed to meet today’s standards.

Encourages and empowers students as they make the transition from high school to college and career.

JFYNetWorks was founded on the belief that all young people can find their own unique paths to success in our dynamic economy– if they have the support they need to acquire the right skills. Our educational support program helps young people develop the skills that open the doors of opportunity.

We believe that economic empowerment through education is the path to social justice. We will continue to put that belief into practice as long as equity remains a bedrock American value.

JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

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