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College and Career Readiness through Blended Learning

Our Mission

JFYNetWorks is a creator of opportunity

Our mission is creating opportunity.

JFYNetWorks mission is to provide increased opportunity to disadvantaged urban youth and adults.

Our medium is blended learning.

JFYNetWorks creates opportunity by using technology—student-centered blended learning—to help young people develop the skills to thrive in the global workshop. College is the doorway to that workshop. We help young people pass through that doorway.

Our methodology is student-centered instruction.

For nearly 40 years, JFYNetWorks, a Boston-based nonprofit organization, has served high-need populations in Massachusetts by developing and delivering education and job training programs that equip young people with the skills needed to succeed in our changing economy. JFYNetWorks brings student-centered and data-driven instructional resources and assessments into classrooms, supports teachers in using these tools effectively, and ultimately helps students both graduate from high school and enter college at the credit-earning level.


JFYNetWorks ……

✓ Encourages and empowers students as they make the transition from high school to college.
✓ Helps high school students reach college and career readiness by building the skills needed to meet college standards.
✓ Reduces the number of developmental classes* students must take at the college level to help improve student success and increase graduation rates.
✓ Helps community colleges meet the new performance funding standards by raising the skills of entering students.
✓ Helps develop a competitive workforce by raising the skills of high school graduates to college and career readiness.


*What are Development Courses?
Developmental courses are remedial college courses that provide students with fundamentals of math or English. These courses are required of many students before they can actively pursue their degrees. They cost the same as credit-bearing courses but do not count towards a degree. They extend the cost and time of a student’s stay in college.

How are students assigned to developmental courses?
The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education requires community colleges and state universities to assess the academic skills of entering students in mathematics, reading, and writing with a suite of tests called the Accuplacer. Students who do not meet the qualifying scores must take non-credit, remedial developmental courses.

JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

More information at: Admissions & Transfer / Information and Tools for Students / Massachusetts Department of Higher Education