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Highlight Podcast Part 2 – Focus On Boston History

JFYNetWorks addresses today’s college readiness pursuit by providing focused blended learning programs in high school to help students build the academic skills they need to enter college or technical training earning academic credit. The JFYNetWorks blended program model — infusing specialized online content into the regular curriculum — also facilitates scalability, as the low cost of the online platform can easily be expanded to entire schools. Listen to our podcasts to learn more.

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Hubie Jones on Parent Engagement, Arts Exclusion in School and More

Missing voices in the classroom… Does not make good sense

DECEMBER 2022 PODCAST – In this month’s podcast,  Executive Director Gary Kaplan continues our conversation with Hubie Jones. A recent recipient of the Norman B. Leventhal City Builder Award from the organization A Better City, Hubie continues to impact the civic and social landscape.  This month, he shares his thoughts about how Boston can become a world class city, with a particular focus on the Boston Public Schools.

More with Hubie can be found here.

Gains in MCAS for East Boston High and Northeast Metro Tech

Bucking the downward trend

OCTOBER 2022 PODCAST –  This month’s podcast celebrates the MCAS results of two JFYNetWorks Partner schools: East Boston High School, an open enrollment Boston Public School, and Northeast Metro Tech, located in Wakefield and serving students from 11 surrounding communities. We feature JFY’s own Cathie Maglio and Joan Reissman as they discuss how both schools posted substantial gains in ELA and in math compared to state averages.

More with Cathie and Joan can be found here.

JFY Sits down With Hubie Jones Part II

A leader in the formation of countless community organizations

SEPTEMBER 2022 PODCAST – This month, JFYNetWorks continues our conversation with Hubie Jones. Hubie has not only witnessed Boston history for 67 years– he has also shaped and defined the civic and social landscape. He has been a leader in the formation of at least thirty community organizations in neighborhoods across the city, most recently Higher Ground and the Boston Children’s Chorus.

More with Hubie Jones found here.

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