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JFYNetWorks addresses today’s college readiness pursuit by providing focused blended learning programs in high school to help students build the academic skills they need to enter college or technical training earning academic credit. The JFYNetWorks blended program model — infusing specialized online content into the regular curriculum — also facilitates scalability, as the low cost of the online platform can easily be expanded to entire schools. Listen to our podcasts to learn more.

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JFY Welcomes Ed Lambert for June Podcast

The status and, challenges of our educational system

JUNE 2022 PODCAST – One might assume that Ed Lambert, the executive director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, was a career-long denizen of the business world. But that assumption would be far from the truth. In fact, Ed’s career has traced a long trajectory of public service and education, giving him deep insight into the entire educational system and its political foundations, and broad experience of what needs to be done to ensure that all students acquire the necessary skills to succeed in life.

This month’s podcast features a recent conversation between Ed and JFY’s Executive Director Gary Kaplan as they discuss Ed’s wide-ranging experiences and how they have shaped his unique perspective on the status and challenges of our educational system

More with Ed Lambert found here.

Hubie Jones Visits with JFYNetWorks for a Sit Down

A history maker in Boston’s civic and social landscape

MAY 2022 PODCAST – It’s hard to believe one man has had such an influence on Boston’s civic and social landscape. A leader of reform in Boston politics and civic leadership since his arrival from New York in 1955, Hubie Jones has been involved in the creation of more than 30 community organizations, spearheaded the laws that guarantee educational rights for English language learners and special education students, led a major study of the Boston Public Schools, organized a citywide strike of Black workers, and founded the Boston Children’s Chorus—to cull only a few of his achievements.

This month, the JFYNetWorks podcast continues our focus on history with a conversation between Hubie Jones and JFY’s Executive Director Gary Kaplan. In this podcast, Hubie recounts some of the history he not only witnessed but played an active role in creating.

More with Hubie Jones found here.

JFY Chats with Quincy College Professor Steve Dooner

The link between history, literature and our world view

APRIL 2022 PODCAST – Do the winners really get to write history? Quincy College Professor Steve Dooner does not think so and explains why on the April edition of the JFYNetWorks Podcast, which features the link between history, literature and our world view. Professor Dooner recently directed and appeared in a performance of the play The Audience by Peter Morgan, which was the inspiration for the Netflix hit series The Crown. He is also the co-author of Lizzie of Fall River, a play that explores the brutal 1892 murders of Andrew and Abby Borden in Fall River. Our conversation explores how history is written, why some only hear the version of news and history they want to hear and how science has an impact on the lens we use to view historic events.

More with Professor Dooner found here.

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