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JFYNetWorks addresses today’s college readiness pursuit by providing focused blended learning programs in high school to help students build the academic skills they need to enter college or technical training earning academic credit. The JFYNetWorks blended program model — infusing specialized online content into the regular curriculum — also facilitates scalability, as the low cost of the online platform can easily be expanded to entire schools. Listen to our podcasts to learn more.

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Dr. John Brown shares what Learning Can and Should Be

Dr. Brown discusses why ‘Connecting with your students’ is where it starts.

AUGUST 2021 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features Dr. John Brown, Clinical Associate Professor at the Umass Lowell School of Education, and his journey within the vast world of instruction. Professor Brown is an instructor of both graduate and undergraduate education courses at UMass Lowell, after earning his doctorate from the same institution. He is also the founder of the Teacher Leadership Network, a community of professional educators committed to opening and maintaining a dialogue about what learning can and should be in the 21st century.

More with Dr. Brown is found here.

Heidi Heinlein, Grants Manager at the Cummings Foundation

JFY chats with Heidi Heinlein, Grants Manager at the Cummings Foundation

JULY 2021 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features a conversation with Heidi Heinlein, grants manager at the Cummings Foundation, one of the leading foundations in the Boston area and the state, along with JFY Executive Director Gary Kaplan and Deputy Director Paula Paris. The Cummings Foundation was founded by Joyce and Bill Cummings of Winchester in 1986. Bill and Joyce provided the foundation’s financial base with the resources of their commercial real estate company, Cummings Properties LLC. Over the years, they have donated the majority of their commercial property revenue to the Foundation. Today, nearly all of Cumming’s properties are operated for the sole benefit of the Foundation, now one of the largest in New England. JFYNetWorks has been a grateful beneficiary of Cummings’s generosity since 2018.

More about the Cummings Foundation found here.

Dr. Michelle Holmes on the COVID Effect in Schools, on Students

Dr. Michelle Holmes addresses the COVID-19 effect: Positive vax impact, process inequalities, and student engagement

JUNE 2021 PODCAST – Our June podcast features Dr. Michelle Holmes, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, as she discusses how widespread vaccination for Covid-19 will have a positive effect on school openings in the fall. Dr. Holmes answers many questions on the minds of students, parents, and teachers, including the safety of extra-curricular participation by students and if mask-wearing will be the norm in schools next fall. She also addresses the issue of inequities and disparities in the vaccination process, especially in the early days of vaccination availability.

More on Dr. Holmes found here.

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