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Audrey Schindler, Director of ELA and Humanities, EBHS Joins JFY Podcast

Audrey Schindler, EBHS

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

Dramatic Academic Progress for East Boston HS - Future with AI Tools

This month’s podcast features a preview of a collaborative presentation to take place at the MassCue Convention on May 31st and June 1st at Polar Park in Worcester.  Audrey Schindler, East Boston High School’s Director of ELA and Humanities and Dean of Students, will partner with JFYNetWorks for a presentation on East Boston High’s dramatic academic progress over the past decade. In this podcast she will provide a tantalizing sample of the upcoming presentation.

Podcast Highlights

  • So when I was a teacher, I didn’t see other teachers’ data. At the time I was only seeing my own data. I could go in and I could look at individual students, obviously, and see how they were doing and make a plan with them on an individual, like on a one-to-one basis. And then as an administrator, I can see the individual students, but I can also see the teachers and I can say to the teachers, Hey, what’s going on with these particular students? [Timestamp 00:05:25]
  • One of the other things that we did was we, as an admin team, developed slide decks that all teachers across the school had to use. We developed this whole school slide deck system. We had a common grading policy. And the reason behind it was that students would be able to focus on the content that they were learning and not on figuring out how to manipulate and get through unfamiliar technology. [Timestamp 00:14:30]
  • Our teachers can become buried with grading, especially English teachers, with the amount of writing that students are expected to produce. And it’s not simply about grading, but it’s about also providing feedback. That feedback needs to be relevant, it needs to be specific, and it really needs to be timely. It really doesn’t do much good if a student receives a piece of writing that they’ve done from three weeks ago and they get some feedback on it, they’re not invested in it anymore. They’re not involved in it. And so the purpose behind getting AI programming involved, and this is where you guys have really stepped up and come in and said, you know, I think we can help you with this. [Timestamp 00:19:24]
  • What I really love about it so far is that when the feedback for the students comes, it’s very specific. It will say, “Your thesis statement is too generic.” Okay. So then the teacher can look at that feedback and say, wow, I have 20 kids out of 25 in my room where their thesis statement is too generic and we need to focus on that. [Timestamp 00:20:39]

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