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College and Career Readiness through Blended Learning


Creating Opportunity through Blended Learning

Accuplacer Prep through JFYNetWorks
Early College collaboration with JFYNetWorks
MCAS Prep programming with JFYNetWorks

Accuplacer Prep

We created the Accuplacer Prep program in response to the Accuplacer’s high rate of student assignment to take remedial courses. The Accuplacer Prep Program has helped raise students’ Accuplacer scores an average 30 points (on a scale of 120) eliminating between 50%-70% of the remedial courses rising students are required to take.

Early College

JFYNet Early College helps students overcome the obstacles and get on the post-secondary track before they leave high school.  JFYNet works with students from 9th grade on to build the skills for college-level work.  The early taste of college success can inspire students to raise their sights for higher education.

MCAS Preparation

The JFYNet MCAS Prep program is designed to help 9th and 10th grade students reach Common Core-aligned standards with the goal of on-time grade progression and ultimately successful graduation from high school and success in college. Our prep curriculum includes practice tests and test-taking strategies for math and ELA

AIMS is Our Methodology

Our AIMS methodology—Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support—guides students towards the two goals that are most critical to their future: high school graduation and college entry at the credit earning level. JFY’s ongoing professional development and in-class support help teachers use student performance data to drive continuous adjustments in instructional strategies. Click here to learn more about how our AIMS methodology works.