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College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness

“College and Career Readiness” was adopted by the US Department of Education in 2009 to stress the interrelation of academic and workplace skills in our labor market. We focus our work in middle and high schools on preparing students for post-secondary education and training, the next step toward careers. The majority of jobs in Massachusetts—and virtually all new jobs–already require post-secondary credentials, and the trend continues. The goal of College and Career Readiness animates all our work of grade-level skill development from 6th to 12th grades and focuses in the later grades on college-specific strategies like early college support and Accuplacer/SAT prep. Our goal is to graduate students who are ready for college-level courses or technical training without needing developmental or co-requisite courses that extend the time and cost of college. With early college, students can now transition from high school with actual college credits in hand.

Early ollege

Support for Early College

JFY provides enhanced academic and guidance support to help students meet the academic and behavioral challenges posed by Early College, a state initiative that offers free college courses to students in high school.

Early College courses award both high school credits toward graduation and college credits that can be transferred throughout the state’s higher education system. The Initiative enables high school students to jump-start their progress toward a post-secondary degree while reducing the total cost with free credits earned in high school.

The program offers a great opportunity but requires a higher level of academic rigor and personal responsibility than high school. JFY’s support includes academic skill-building and addresses social and behavioral competencies such as study skills, self-advocacy, goal-setting, time management, student ownership of learning, self-confidence, and other personal issues.


Grade-Level Standards and MCAS

The Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks were created in the 1990s by teachers for teachers in order to define the skills students need in each academic discipline to master elementary, middle, and high school curricula and prepare for post-secondary training or careers. The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) was developed to assess incremental progress along the K-12 continuum. Each grade’s MCAS in tested subjects is derived directly from the published grade-level standards for that grade. 

JFYNet supports the grade-level standards in grades 6-12 throughout the year and offers focused MCAS review sessions as requested by schools. All JFY instruction is aligned with the state frameworks.

AIMS is Our Methodology

Our AIMS methodology—Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support—guides students towards the two goals that are most critical to their future: high school graduation and college entry at the credit earning level. JFY’s ongoing professional development and in-class support help teachers use student performance data to drive continuous adjustments in instructional strategies. Click here to learn more about how our AIMS methodology works.

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