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College and Career Readiness through Blended Learning

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The JFYNetWorks blended program model — infusing specialized online content into the regular curriculum — also facilitates scalability, as the low cost of the online platform can easily be expanded to entire schools.


Our Methodology – AIMS

Our AIMS methodology—Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support—guides students towards the two goals that are most critical to their future: high school graduation and college entry at the credit earning level. JFY’s ongoing professional development and in-class support help teachers use student performance data to drive continuous adjustments in instructional strategies.

JFYNetWorks provides blended learning that combines online and teacher-led instruction in the classroom. Combining online resources with teacher direction gives students a wide range of materials to learn from and teachers a wide range of teaching tools to select from.

Each JFYNetWorks partner school has an assigned Blended Learning Specialist who performs a range of supportive functions: orienting students to the program and to college placement tests, administering assessments, enrolling students in the online curriculum, providing teachers with ongoing support, and professional development to master the blended learning method and use real-time student performance data to differentiate instruction.

Service Structure: AIMS: Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support:

Assessment of student needs is the first step. In 11th and 12th grade this means administering the four Accuplacer Diagnostic tests in English and math. These assessments determine where the student is placed in the online curriculum. At the 9th and 10th grade MCAS level, assessment is performed with Common Core-aligned tests.

Instruction is the core of the program. JFYNetWorks curates a high-quality library of software to meet varied student needs. Online instruction offers flexibility in choice and utilization of materials. It is also by nature self-paced. No other form of instruction allows as much control of content and pace. The power to individualize instruction is a necessary capability when dealing with the diversity of student skills, learning styles, languages and cultural backgrounds that characterize urban schools.

Measurement means tracking student activity online by following individual progress through the curriculum and performance on embedded mastery quizzes. JFYNet software allows for monitoring progress and addressing problems in real time.

Support A school’s JFYNet blended learning specialist provides onsite and online program oversight, data analysis, instructional consultation and teacher training and PD. We’ll accomplish this by using online student activity data to make reports and recommendations to teachers and administrators that keep students on track. JFY staff visit each school regularly throughout the year to confer on student performance and instructional strategies. Hands-on professional development with teachers builds skill and confidence in the blended methodology, gradually transforming teaching practice so that all instruction becomes student-centered.

JFYNet served 3000 students in 2014-15 and plans for 4000 in school year 2015-16. Participation is 1-2 hours per week with 34 weeks available for instruction.

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AIMS: Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support