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How We Do It

The JFYNet Model: AIMS

The elements of the JFYNet blended learning model are summarized in the acronym AIMS: Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support. AIMS incorporates the four basic elements of effective teaching and learning.

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Assessment of each student’s skills uses online measurement tools or existing school data to diagnose learning needs.


Instruction with high-quality software offers teachers flexibility in choice and utilization of online materials. Instruction can be aligned to course curricula, district pacing guides or benchmark tests. Online learning is by nature individualized and self-paced. The supplemental resources on our Connected Learning page enrich and expand core curriculum.

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Measurement means monitoring student activity online, measuring individual progress through the curriculum as recorded in the embedded data system. Close attention to student performance enables timely intervention.


Support for teachers and students is given onsite when possible and remotely via videoconferencing, phone, email and via our website. We use real-time student data to make instructional adjustments that keep students on track. Continuous professional development and support for teachers builds skill and confidence. This structured and supported use of online content maximizes its effectiveness as a tool for teaching and learning, and Acceleration.

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A JFYNet Learning Specialist is assigned to each school. He or she connects with teachers on a regular basis to coach teachers in the practice of online learning and the analysis of student performance data to focus and individualize instruction. This on-the-job professional development is done in person when possible and remotely via email, videoconference, and virtual office hours. Student performance reports are generated regularly. Instructional recommendations for teachers are derived from these reports. This real-time data feedback loop constitutes an integrated formative assessment, a critical tool for guiding and differentiating instruction and a core function of Acceleration.

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