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Whitepaper: Learning Loss Recovered

How JFY Raised Achievement, Closed Gaps, Recovered Learning Loss

Worry about learning loss still keeps us up at night, three full years after the pandemic’s onset.  But there are signs of hope. Some  JFYNetWorks partner schools actually recovered all of their learning losses. And they did it in a single year, 2021-22. 

This Whitepaper shines a spotlight on the largest of those schools– East Boston High and Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High.  

Here are some Whitepaper highlights:

Both schools recovered pandemic learning loss in both ELA and Math while the state remained 3 points down in ELA and 9 in Math.     

  • Gains of 15 and 8 points schoolwide in English/ELA while the state declined 3 points.
  • A gain of 7 points schoolwide in Math while the state declined 9 points.
  • Lo-income students gained 18 and 10 points in ELA while the state was flat.
  • Students with disabilities gained 11 and 5 points in ELA while the state declined 2 points.
  • ELL students gained 20 points in ELA while the state gained 2 points.
  • Hispanic/Latino students gained 7 points in math while the state dropped 8 points, and gained 21 points in ELA while the state gained 2.

(All data points are percent of students meeting or exceeding expectations on 10th grade MCAS 2019-2022.)

Read the Whitepaper for a detailed roadmap to higher student achievement and higher scores.