SAVE THE DATE!  JFYNetWorks at MassCUE 2024 Fall Conference, Oct. 16-17th, Gillette Stadium

Special Feature at MassCUE 2024: Unveiling the JFY AI-Enabled Student Writing Assessment Tool

Join JFYNetWorks at the AI Innovation Fair for an exclusive first look at our revolutionary AI-enabled Student Writing Assessment System. This cutting-edge tool represents a significant leap forward in applied educational technology, offering diagnostic analysis and predictive scoring that provides invaluable insights into student writing.

Highlights of the Presentation



Discover how the JFYNetWorks system employs an LLM to assess student essays, providing detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.



Large Language Model



Learn about the system’s capabilities to perform deep analysis into student essays, identifying strengths and pinpointing specific areas for improvement, from grammar, spelling and punctuation  to central idea, evidence and organization.  

Comprehensive Analysis



JFY’s system integrates practice prompts, scoring rubrics, and benchmark  essays derived directly from MCAS standards.



Why Attend?

For Educators

Gain insights into how diagnostic analysis can transform your teaching strategies, allowing for earlier intervention and precision-targeted instruction.

For Educators

For Administrators

Explore the potential of this tool to improve writing across your school, enhancing student performance in class, on MCAS, and in post-secondary.

For Administrators

For EdTech Enthusiasts

Witness the power of AI and how it can be applied to student writing evaluation for classwork,  MCAS preparation and college/ career.


MassCUE 2024


AI Innovation Fair, MassCUE Spring Conference, Polar Park, Worcester MA


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