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MCAS MAVEN Tips and Resources

Inside MCAS 2.0, Strategic Coaching Tips for Students

JFY offers comprehensive curricula for MCAS 2.0 in ELA and math. We stress the principle that the best preparation for MCAS is to build basic academic skills, because MCAS is directly based on the state curriculum standards.

However, there are also some structural quirks in MCAS that can throw you a curveball even if your math and language skills are strong. We have developed a series of strategic coaching units to help students master the inside game of MCAS. Here is a list of blog posts and webinars that teachers and students can find on our website.

10th Grad MCAS 2.0 Blog Posts

MCAS 2.0 – 10th Grade Math: Helping Students Prepare, Part 2

This post offers some general suggestions for preparing for the MCAS 2.0 mathematics test.  We suggest starting with an online practice test  in a lower grade. Students should also make sure that they understand all elements of the online test. We discuss how to navigate through the test and how to familiarize yourself with the technology-enhanced questions. There are specific references for students to practice different types of technology-enhanced questions. This post also covers using the online test tools, such as the reference sheet and the equation editor.

Poetry and the MCAS: Last Minute Tips

This post covers some general tips for the poetry section of the ELA MCAS.  We teach you some general tips for analyzing a poem and identify the important elements for understanding the poem’s meaning.  We also provide two graphic organizers that you can use for poems that will help you focus your analysis. The last section provides tips for planning and implementing your test preparation.

Strategies for MCAS Next Gen ELA – Part 2

This post provides advice on how to tackle one of the trickiest aspects of MCAS 2.0- text comparison.  We give general strategies on how to compare and contrast excerpts. You will see that answering questions on two or more texts isn’t that much harder if you practice before the test.

Preparing for MCAS 2.0 Reading Comprehension

This post focuses on general tips for doing your best on the MCAS ELA test. We provide a general overview of the test and describe the features of the MCAS ELA.  Preparation is the key. If you know what to expect, you will have an advantage. Even if you took MCAS 2.0 in 8th grade, this blog will help you get ready for the 10th grade test. MCAS 2.0 is not like the tests you have taken before, so be sure to take the time to learn how to navigate the test and make efficient use of the online tools.

The Formula Page is Your Friend – Improving Performance on MCAS Math

This post gives advice on how to use the formula page to answer math questions.  We show how this handy tool can provide valuable information for answering questions. The formula page is particularly useful for geometry questions. There was a big increase in geometry questions last year, so make sure you know how to use the formula page.

Last-Minute Quick Tips For MCAS ELA Open Response

“Constructed response” items seem to give students the most trouble on MCAS.  This post examines an overlooked tool that is very helpful on constructed response questions. The post is geared for classroom instruction, but we give a step-by step guide to using the website with student responses. Practicing constructed response questions is very important.  We show you how to use the student samples so that you will understand how the scoring works.  You can do the exercise remotely with a friend and grade each other’s essays, or discuss the scored essays with a study pal. Don’t ignore this valuable tool: it will show you how to get some points for almost any answer to a constructed response question.

Resources for Extra Study

Summertime Study Time. Rising Freshmen and Sophomores: Make the Most of Your Summer

This article on summertime study has many useful resources for studying math and English. The listed resources are free and many of them are available as phone apps. The article identifies extra study resources in math, vocabulary, grammar, reading and poetry. There are tips on building a study program and choosing the resources that work best for you.

Mathematics in the Summer? How to Succeed in College by Really Trying (Part 2)

We don’t know how long schools will be closed. Even though it’s still chilly outside, as far as school is concerned summertime is now. This post gives you some general advice on developing a study plan by beginning with a self-assessment. We list resources that will help you implement your study plan and help you continue to build your math skills.

On-Demand Webinars (Video)

Preparation for English Language Arts in the Next Gen ELA MCAS

This webinar covers strategies for online testing, review of technology-enhanced questions, test tools, and preparation for specific types of ELA questions. We also show you how you can take practice exams to prepare for the test.

Test Mechanics and Prep Tips

This webinar gives general tips on how to navigate the test. It will help you understand the test and the types of questions you will see. The webinar goes over the main points of the DESE MCAS tutorial, including test navigation, test tools and technology-enhanced questions. You will also learn how to use the reference sheet to answer questions. We show you how MCAS 2.0 challenges students with more difficult questions.

Understand the Changes in the Math Next-Gen MCAS 2.0

This webinar will help you understand what’s different about MCAS 2.0 Mathematics. It contains sample questions, technology-enhanced items, and test tools. We show you how to use JFY’s online solutions to develop skills and improve MCAS performance. It stresses the point that building skills equals MCAS success.

Understand the Changes in the ELA Next-Gen MCAS 2.0

This webinar discusses what to expect on the ELA test and how you can prepare for it. We show you how to handle the new types of questions and demonstrate how JFY’s online coaching can help you do your best on MCAS by building your skills.

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