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College and Career Readiness

What is College and Career Readiness?

College and Career Readiness is the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to complete entry-level, credit-bearing college courses or to successfully participate in certificate, apprenticeship, or workplace training programs to enter skilled career pathways.

JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

College Readiness

Students who are preparing for college need to be proficient in rigorous academic content. Students need to be able to: Read and comprehend different types of texts

  • Write effectively and coherently for a variety of purposes
  • Solve mathematical problems analytically
  • Solve real-world mathematical problems by modeling
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

Career Readiness

Students preparing to enter the workforce need to be proficient in reading and math to succeed in skill-demanding jobs. They need to demonstrate that they can

  • Read and understand directions from coworkers and supervisors
  • Write clearly
  • Understand basic math and solve math problems
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

How JFYNetWorks prepares students for College and Careers

JFYNetWorks prepares students for college and careers by helping them achieve academic success in the classroom leading to solid grade-level skills. Reading, writing and math skills help prepare for entrance and placement tests, workforce readiness assessments, or program certificate exams.

The JFYNet program supplements core instruction in middle and high schools. Students work on reading comprehension to strengthen reading, writing, and reasoning skills and on math to strengthen quantitative and analytical skills. Instruction is delivered through software programs provided by JFY and delivered by the classroom teacher. These programs can be woven into class curriculum or used as self-contained supplemental units. All JFY programs are aligned to the state curriculum standards. JFYNet programs are designed to help prepare all students to succeed after high school whether their chosen path is college or career, or both.

JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness
JFY Accuplacer prep College Readiness

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