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What We Do

JFYNetWorks helps young people build reading, writing and math skills for college and careers by reaching grade-level standards and closing achievement gaps. Our student-centered blended learning model is called AIMS -– Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support.  

JFY partner schools, East Boston High and Northeast Metro Tech buck the MCAS downward trend with gains. 

What we do... and Why

JFYNetWorks helps young people build skills for college and careers
College and Career Readiness

Skills: College and Career Readiness

Economic dynamism and social vitality depend on a skilled workforce drawn from an educated population.  The majority of jobs in Massachusetts require post-secondary skills and credentials, and technological advances continually raise skill requirements.

JFY helps students in grades 6-12 meet the demands of the labor market and of civic life by preparing them for college-level courses, technical training, or sustainable employment.  In the lower grades we focus on developing grade-level skills for academic advancement, MCAS success and graduation. In the upper grades we add support for early college and AP and SAT prep. At all levels we identify skill gaps and close them with individualized instruction.

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Equity: Closing Achievement Gaps

Equity is more than an aspiration– it is a vital goal. The pandemic disruption has widened skill shortfalls in the aggregate and between demographic groups. These skill gaps limit young people’s higher education and career options, aggravate inequality, and deprive American employers of the skilled workers they need to compete in the global market.

State, national and international tests document declining levels of language and math skills among American youth, and growing disparities with international competitors.  JFY’s individualized blended learning closes achievement gaps and helps all students establish a foundation for long-term career success and social mobility.


Innovation in Instruction: Blended Learning

JFY has been in the forefront of innovation since our founding in 1976. We were among the pioneers in using computers and instructional software. We are now incorporating Artificial Intelligence, the next wave of innovation. The term Blended Learning describes the ongoing absorption of technology into the classroom.

The use of digital tools is now standard practice for teachers. In diverse classrooms, the power to select and organize online content into customized lessons enables teachers to differentiate instruction to the individual needs and learning styles of every student, including English learners and students with disabilities.  Blended Learning offers the only scalable and sustainable form of individualized instruction and tutoring.

JFY’s data-driven system includes ongoing training and support for teachers and continuous assessment of student progress utilizing our AIMS methodology–Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support.

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