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Artificial Intelligence. A Conversation with Michael B. Horn on ChatGPT [Podcast]

Artificial Intelligence. A Conversation with Michael B. Horn on ChatGPT [Podcast]

Artificial Intelligence: A Threat in the Classroom or a Tool to Embrace?

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

This month’s podcast features Michael B. Horn, a writer and speaker who advocates for the transformation of education through innovation to improve the learning and the lives of all students. In this podcast, Michael and JFYNetWorks executive director Gary Kaplan discuss how ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general will impact not only our schools but our entire society.

More about Michael B. Horn

An author, speaker, blogger and consultant, Michael Horn has been in the forefront of education innovation and blended learning since his pioneering work at Harvard Business School with the legendary Clayton Christensen. He was a co-founder in 2007 of the Innosight Institute (now the Christensen Institute), a non-profit think tank that focuses on using disruptive innovation to improve education and other industries. In addition to writing or collaborating on six books since the 2008 classic Disrupting Class, Michael is a frequent speaker on education innovation at conferences around the world. 

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