Teacher Training and Support, Connected Learning with JFYNet

Teacher Training, Connected Learning with JFYNet

The JFYNet Difference

by Cathie Maglio, Learning Specialist

Online teaching is done with software, but software alone can be dry and uninspiring. Even the best software needs a teacher to bring it to life. A teacher knows how to motivate a student with a plea, a prod, a joke. Software doesn’t tell jokes.

JFYNet works intensively with teachers to maximize student engagement with online instruction. Our training, coaching, consultation and problem-solving continue throughout the year. This deep support of teachers sets JFYNet apart. We’re not just selling software: we’re developing and supporting a methodology of practice through our work with teachers.

We’ve summarized our approach to online teaching and learning in the acronym AIMS: Assess, Instruct, Measure, Support. The first three elements, Assess, Instruct and Measure, are related to the student. The last element, Support, is teacher-facing. In many respects, it’s the most important part of the program. Training and support from our Learning Specialists help teachers master the software and develop strategies and techniques to stimulate student interest and sustain engagement.

JFYNet’s Learning Specialists are experts in delving into the depths of the math and ELA software. We have learned the intricacies of the programs and we stay current with new functionalities that software developers add during the course of the school year. We make sure our teachers are properly trained and updated. To do this, we create webinars, videos, PowerPoint presentations and how-to guides. We add to our training library constantly to help our teachers become more proficient in getting exactly the functionality they need out of the software. Software is a sphinx that has all the answers, but only if the right question is asked. We work with the teacher to frame the right questions.

We meet with our teachers one-on-one or in small groups for training. We give an overview of the software; then we walk through the functionality of each application step by step. Teachers have an opportunity to use the software from the student perspective and from the teacher perspective. Having the teacher work through the applications as a student is a critical part of the training. It prepares them to help their students navigate the same applications.

After the tutorial part of the training, teachers have time to explore the software on their own with our coaching. Once classes start, JFYNet Learning Specialists are always available by email, text, phone or video to answer questions or give further instruction. When it is again possible, we’ll return to the classroom to give onsite support. Meanwhile, we will continue to offer training sessions online in best practices to further support and improve classroom or remote implementation. Our teacher training does not happen only at the start of the school year. JFYNet’s Learning Specialists provide additional training throughout the year from September to June, responding to teachers’ questions, sharing best practices, and generally lending a hand to help make teachers’ jobs easier.

These teacher training resources will give you an idea of what we offer. Please explore them.

  • Math Training Video:

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