JFY Deputy Director, ‘Education Equity, Still a Struggle’ [PODCAST]

Paula Paris, 'Education Equity' in Boston

with Paula Paris, Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

"Let's not lose sight of what we still need to do."

This month’s podcast features JFY’s Deputy Director Paula Paris, who has been with JFY since 1995.  She has contributed to the growth and diversification of the organization first as Director of Development and then as Deputy Director.  Paula shares her personal history beginning as a bus safety monitor during the desegregation of the  Boston Public Schools, and her informed insights on the continuing struggle to achieve equity in American education.

Podcast Highlights

  • [Boston] busing got so much national publicity. “…so, the buses took us to Day Boulevard. Yeah. And then they consolidated the buses and went the rest of the way with a police escort.” [Timestamp 00:20:02]
  • Thinking about the learning loss question.  “But it is about learning loss and how not being in school affected different populations differently.” [Timestamp 00:36:08]
  • We’ve solved problems, but … “We’ve got a long way to go. And progress has been made for sure. But more progress needs to be made. Let’s not lose sight of what we still need to do.” [Timestamp 00:43:39]

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Pictured above: Paula Paris

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