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    GivingTuesday Save the Date

    #GivingTuesday JFYNetWorks

    #GivingTuesday – Join Us For a Global Celebration of Generosity

    On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

    College is not just an option anymore—it is a necessity. College graduates get hired more easily and earn much more than non-graduates. The gap has been widening for decades with the college advantage trending steadily upward. Within a few years, over 70% of jobs will require at least a two-year degree.

    JFYNetWorks has the online blended learning tools to better prepare our high school students for college Readiness.

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    'Pre-medial' Education: Heading Off the Need for Remedial Coursework in College

    This piece was originally published on’s Blog 11/6/15
    By guest blogger Caralee J. Adams


    High School Principal Damon Smith feels responsible for his graduates beyond the time they leave his building. And he doesn’t want the likelihood of their success in higher education to be a mystery until they take a placement test the fall of their freshman year in college.

    At Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, Mass., teachers and counselors look closely at students whose test scores and grades as underclassmen indicate they might not be on track. Then, in 11th or 12th grades they are given the ACCUPLACER tests that community colleges use to gauge readiness for college-level work in math, reading, and writing.

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    Mathematics: the Language of Numbers

    Mathematics: the Language of Numbers

    by Cathie Maglio, Blended Learning SPECIALIST

    The other day I saw an entry on a social media site in which two students were talking about their classes.

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    JFYNet Program Prepares Students for College and Career

    JFYNet Program Prepares Students for College and Career

    by Cathie Maglio, Blended Learning SPECIALIST
    As a Blended Learning Specialist at JFYNetWorks, I go into schools and work with teachers in their classes to prepare students for college, a career, or the military by strengthening their skills in math and reading.

    The JFYNet program consists of administering diagnostic assessments to measure each student’s skill gaps and then assigning an online instructional curriculum to respond to the identified needs. We use the same assessments and placement levels that community colleges use as our standard. After all that is done my job is to monitor online activity and work with the teacher to make sure that each student is making the most progress possible. I do that by visiting the school on a regular basis and communicating with teachers via email between visits.

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    Discovering Lowell in Cambodia by Michelle Ciccone

    by Michelle Ciccone | JFYNetWorks Blended Learning SPECIALIST

    In July I travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia for two weeks. It was a great visit crammed with amazing experiences. I learned how to cross the swarming streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi: go slow and steady and the zig-zagging traffic will deftly maneuver around you. I sailed through Halong Bay, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I walked among the 1,000 year old ruins of Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei and dozens of other temples. I ate delicious and unfamiliar street food in Phnom Penh and relaxed on the Cambodian coast in a Khmer bungalow.

    Southeast Asia is a voluptuous feast for the senses, but a visit to the region also demands attention to its tragic recent history. The first thing any cab driver in Phnom Penh will ask is, “Have you been to the killing fields?”

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    Digital Citizenship Curriculum

    Tips for Building a Digital Citizenship Curriculum

    by Michelle Ciccone | Blended Learning SPECIALIST

    This year, JFYNetWorks worked with Revere High School to develop and implement a digital citizenship curriculum within the school’s civics class. Our blog post back in May explained why we believe it’s important for schools to address issues of digital citizenship. Digital citizenship includes a lot of really important things, like teaching students to vet and analyze information found on the Internet; to treat with respect other members of the online communities they take part in; and to use digital tools to actively engage with 21st century civic institutions. Schools consider numeracy and literacy essential to preparing young people for success in life. In our digital age, isn’t digital citizenship essential as well?

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    employment report trumpets job gains

    Grapes for the Grabbing – employment report trumpets job gains… again

    by Gary Kaplan, JFYNetWorks Executive Director

    In the Greek myth, Tantalus is condemned to an eternity of torment. Every time he reaches for the ripe grapes that dangle over his head, the boughs recede from his grasp. This is the torment visited upon a large segment of our workforce every time the monthly employment report trumpets job gains. Yes, jobs are being created. But almost all the net gain is in jobs that require a college degree.