“College Ready – Ready for Life” | College & Career Readiness is Preparation for Life

College Read - Ready For Life | Preparation for Life (Produced by JFYNetWorks)

College Ready – Ready for Life | College and Career Readiness VIDEO

by Patti Parisella, JFYNetWorks Fiscal Director

JFYNetWorks announces the release of its new video, “College Ready – Ready for Life”. This video complements our redesigned website. Together, they are the cornerstones of our rebranding campaign introducing the new JFYNetWorks.

JFYNetWorks has undergone many transformations in its 39-year history, morphing through job placement in the 1970s, competency-based education in the 80s, sectoral job training in the 90s, blended learning in the 2000s, and now college and career readiness. The college readiness skill gap is the new focus of our long quest for equity in economic opportunity and social mobility. We are marshaling all our expertise in educational techniques and data analysis to raise the skills of young people to the college entry level. (See the blog “Innovation in our DNA”.

This video distills four decades of social innovation into four concentrated minutes. It is addressed to our school and college partners, students, funders, researchers and policy-makers. We hope it communicates the sincerity of our mission to help young people build skills for college and careers. This has been our mission through all our changes of modality since the very beginning. In mobilizing the resources of blended learning, we are again harnessing current technology in the service of our constant goal. That goal has always been, as the film confirms, preparation for life.

We would like to thank Cambridge Rindge and Latin School for graciously allowing us to make our video on their premises and gracefully tolerating the disruption entailed. We especially thank our CRLS colleagues who appear on screen: Damon Smith, CRLS Principal; Rene Meshon, Tutoring Center Manager; Sandra M. Canas, City Links Youth Programs Director; Roland Gibson, CRLS Volunteer and distinguished alumnus, and CRLS alumni Herol Pires and Cynthia LaRoche.

Please enjoy our video, College Ready – Ready For Life“.

College Ready – Ready for Life | College Readiness IS Life Readiness (Produced by JFYNetWorks) from JFYNetWorks.

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