Hubie Jones on Parent Engagement, Arts Exclusion in School and More [PODCAST]

Hubie Jones on Parent Engagement, Arts and Choice in the Classroom

with Gary Kaplan, narrated by Greg Cunningham

Missing voices in the classroom… Does not make good sense

In this month’s podcast,  Executive Director Gary Kaplan continues our conversation with Hubie Jones. A recent recipient of the Norman B. Leventhal City Builder Award from the organization A Better City, Hubie continues to impact the civic and social landscape.  This month, he shares his thoughts  about how Boston can become  a world class city, with a particular focus on the Boston Public Schools:

Parent Engagement:

“The role of parent engagement in our schools is paramount, but  their voices are largely missing.”

The importance of arts and humanities in education:

“The de-emphasis of  the arts and humanities in  recent years diminishes social integration. The ability to have  exchange of ideas with students, in an educational environment, covering topics that our young people   encounter on a day-to-day basis fosters student engagement, respect for one another, and civic joy.  

We need to decide what kind of city we want to be. It’s our human service infrastructure that’s going to save us.

The school should be an oasis in a harsh urban environment.”

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