Preparing for MCAS 2.0 Math [On-Demand Video]

Test Mechanics and MCAS Prep Tips

Authored by Joan Reissman, Narrated by Greg Cunningham

Test Mechanics and Prep Tips

JFYNetWorks is offering this prerecorded webinar to help students prepare for the new MCAS 2.0 Mathematics test, which will be administered to all 10th graders next week. (Grades 3-8 may also still be tested through May 24th.)

All Math MCAS assessments at all grade levels will be online this year. Although the focus of this webinar is primarily for 10th graders, there are applicable examples for all grades. This webinar is designed for teachers, parents and students to help prepare students for the new test format. This will be the first time many 10th graders will see this new online format for the math test, so practice is essential for MCAS success. This webinar provides specific practice examples, formats and test questions provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE).

Don’t be surprised on test day. Take advantage of this prerecorded webinar-practice is the key to MCAS success.

JFYNet’s software offers many accommodations for students who may need specialized help.

These include speech to text, highlighting, the ability to hear passages read aloud, options to summarize passages by paragraph, and the ability to create notes on the screen in “whiteboard” style. Further options are available via Chrome Extensions, which can be found here.

We can also assist you in tracking and measuring student progress, as we always have, and in assessing the individual needs of your students, which may invoke the accommodations listed above. If any of your students need extra help or attention, contact your Blended Learning Specialist for further details and assistance.

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