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‘A New Chapter’ Brockton High School Principal Has Faith [Podcast]

Kevin McCaskill, Brockton High School Principal

with Kevin McCaskill, Brockton High School Principal, Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

Kevin McCaskill, ‘I know that we can achieve at high levels’

This podcast features newly appointed Brockton High School principal Kevin McCaskill, who began his tenure in Brockton at the start of 2024. Described as “…a new chapter for our entire community” by Mayor Robert Sullivan, McCaskill discusses how Brockton High School was once a beacon of educational excellence in Massachusetts and will beam even brighter in the years ahead.

Podcast Highlights

  • Case in point, in the morning I  see the vast majority of our students getting off the buses every day.  39 buses. And we’re being very consistent with  morning greetings  And so they get that recognition that someone’s going to be here every day, greeting them with a smile and a hearty good morning.  And that goes a long way. [Timestamp 00:09:00]
  • I know that we can achieve at high levels.  But it’s going to take some time and again, it won’t be something that happens overnight or by magic.  But if we have some folks who are really interested in moving the needle forward–  which I know we have here at  the high school, I know it will be done. [Timestamp 13:06:50]
  • You have to have faith in everything you can do, faith in the individuals that you’re  working with and faith in the belief that all things are possible. [Timestamp 16:34:00]

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