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Lew Finfer, Quiet Leader, Resounding Results [Podcast]

Lew Finfer, Boston Community Organizer

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

Lew Finfer, Boston Community Organizer since the 1970’s

JFY’s podcast this month features Lew Finfer, a Boston community organizer since 1970. In an article published last year in the Boston Globe, Lew was described as “a quiet leader who spent the past four decades orchestrating some of Boston’s biggest campaigns for social and economic justice.”

Podcast Highlights

  • ‘You have to do a lot of listening and outreach for any kind of issue you work on.’ [Timestamp 00:13:57]
  • ‘Share something about yourself, about what you are.’ [Timestamp 00:22:08]
  • ‘Starting back in 1973 and 74 when the whole shakeup of the Boston Public Schools started.’ [Timestamp 00:30:04]

[Music: Epic Inspiration by AShamaluevMusic. Website:]

  • Image sources: Young Lew Finfer posed at the Dorchester Community Action Council when he was also doing work with the Dorchester Tenant Action Council.  MCAN
  • Lew Finfer speaks to a Massachusetts Communities Action Network affiliate Brockton Interfaith Community leader at MCAN Leadership Assembly in May 2019. KETURAH BREWSTER/MCAN

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