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Hubie Jones Remembers the Field of Battle in Boston’s Busing and more [Podcast]

Hubie Jones Remembers the Field of Battle in Boston’s Busing and more

with Gary Kaplan, narrated by Greg Cunningham

Hubie Jones helped shape Boston's social landscape. A personal account.

This month, JFYNetWorks will take the opportunity to expand on some of the history that Hubie Jones shared with our listeners when he was a guest for three JFYNet podcasts last year.   [Podcast 1Podcast 2Podcast 3] Recently, PBS, in conjunction with local affiliate GBH, debuted the documentary “The Busing Battleground: THE DECADES-LONG ROAD TO SCHOOL DESEGREGATION” as part of the American Experience television series.  The program featured reflections by many prominent Boston-area activists, including Hubie Jones, who has not only witnessed Boston history for 67 years, but has also shaped and defined the civic and social landscape.

Music: ‘Keys Of Moon – The Epic Hero’ is under a creative commons license Music promoted by BreakingCopyright:

Image source: Courtesy of Boston Public Library via Digital Commonwealth. [A 1974 photo of black teens attending school in South Boston.]

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