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David P. Driscoll Responds, Pt. 2: MCAS Chatter, ‘déjà vu’ all over again’ [Podcast]

David P. Driscoll Responds, Pt. 2: MCAS Chatter, ‘déjà vu’ all over again’

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

David P. Driscoll, former Commissioner of Education, Massachusetts, responds to the MCAS chatter and more. [Podcast Part 2]

AUGUST 2023 PODCAST — Our podcast this month features part two of our conversation with former Commissioner of Education David Driscoll. His 49-year career in public education leadership includes being appointed deputy commissioner in 1993, interim commissioner in 1998, and commissioner in 1999.   Dr. Driscoll currently serves on a number of boards, including serving as chair of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Board and the National Assessment Governing Board.   


  • What do we do about the fact that we’re back again, asking the question whether there should be, quantitative standards to get a high school diploma in Massachusetts? Do you feel like, it’s DeJa’Vu all over again? [00:03:17]
  • The Driscoll challenge: What would an educator do after looking at failing [student’s] work? Would they grant that student a high school diploma? [00:09:12]
  • Every question is reviewed by teachers. No question goes on the test unless it’s been approved by teachers. [00:31:07]
  • Well, we don’t have any leadership, political leadership at the federal government. We don’t have enough of it to start to look at solutions. [00:44:06]

'Look what you're [JFY] doing in East Boston High School. Why wouldn't every high school in Boston say, well, let's do that? And yet they don't.'

- David P. Driscoll

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