David P. Driscoll Responds, ‘Is it time to reconsider the Education Reform Act?’

David P. Driscoll, responds to: ‘Is it time to reconsider the Education Reform Act?’

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

David P. Driscoll, former Commissioner of Education, Massachusetts, responds to: ‘Is it time to reconsider the Education Reform Act?’. [Podcast]

JULY 2023 PODCAST — This month’s podcast features David P. Driscoll, who served as the 22nd commissioner of education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1998 to 2007. In his 49-year career in public education, Dr. Driscoll was a math teacher, an assistant superintendent, a superintendent, deputy commissioner, interim commissioner, and the state commissioner who inaugurated standards-based education in Massachusetts under the Education Reform law. Currently, he serves on a number of boards, including as chair of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Board and the National Assessment Governing Board.


  • Has the Education Reform Act of 1993 fulfilled its promise? [00:03:50]
  • The MCAS is a standards-based test, [but] teachers are still not consistently applying, sound pedagogical ways of getting the kids to the standards, part of which is to get kids engaged, get kids motivated, et cetera. [00:17:46]
  • Kids go through as part of a [grade] group, say the 8th grade, but we need to address their individual needs in addition to regular schooling and the school experience, we need an individual approach. [00:29:26]

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