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Kingsman Academy, JFY Partner School presents in DC

JFYNet Partner School takes their rebuild process to DC

JUNE 2020 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features excerpts from a presentation by Kingsman Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC, a JFYNet partner school. The presentation to the DC Public Charter School Board took place on June 20th, and describes the process begun shortly after the school’s opening in 2015. The Kingsman staff and administration realized that their operational plan was not serving the needs of their student population as they had thought it would and spent the next few years redesigning the school from the ground up. The current move to competency- based learning is the final step of their rebuilding process.

Remote learning boosts Kingsman student achievement

by Joan Reissman

A resourceful school turns pandemic necessity into academic virtue

The past 14 months of virus disruption have produced a mediastorm about the many difficulties faced by teachers and students forced to practice remote and hybrid learning, and the resulting learning loss or unfinished learning. Teachers have had to perform a juggling act every time they step into the classroom or log into Zoom. Many commentators have declared remote learning a frustrating failure. But not all users of the medium agree. I have worked this year with a school that figured out how to make remote learning work. The Kingsman Academy Public Charter School in Washington D.C. adapted its program to the necessities of online education and saw its students flourish. As a remote learning consultant to the school, I observed students making exceptional progress.

Keeping in Touch Online. Progress, Not perfection

by Greg Cunningham

How teachers and students are making the virtual classroom work

“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.”

With this soothing mantra we began the first ever season of the Massachusetts Speech and Debate League during which all tournaments would be held online with students performing from home using video cameras. We quickly found that each tournament takes much more preparation than in-person tournaments, and nothing about them is easy. But something is preferable to nothing; and when students, coaches and league administrators work together, we know that even if the tournaments are not perfect, they provide an outlet for students to improve their public speaking skills and to craft and share their messages.

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    JFYNetWorks addresses today’s college readiness pursuit by providing focused blended learning programs in high school to help students build the academic skills they need to enter college or technical training earning academic credit. The JFYNetWorks blended program model — infusing specialized online content into the regular curriculum — also facilitates scalability, as the low cost of the online platform can easily be expanded to entire schools. Listen to our podcasts to learn more.

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    Parents of Durfee High School Students Learn About Dual Enrollment

    Early College Info Session, BMC Durfee High School Dual Enrollment with Bridgewater State University

    MAY 2021 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features an early college information session held at BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, which is supported by JFYNetWorks. The session, hosted by Director of Counseling Andrew Woodward and Durfee Counselor Kerry Bulk, highlights experiences by both faculty and students involved in the program. Early College at Durfee High School is a student-outcome driven pathway designed to increase post-secondary enrollment, persistence and graduation for all students including underserved populations in higher education.

    Click here for a transcript of this podcast.

    Kingsman Academy, Online Learning Working for Some

    Teacher & Student from Kingsman Charter in DC: Some students more focused in online school

    APRIL 2021 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features a conversation with teacher Crystal Seawood and her student Takaria, both from JFYNetWorks partner Kingsman Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC, as they discuss how some students may be more focused working in the online version of school. Kingsman Academy Public Charter School is an open-enrollment school that welcomes all students into a comfortable, therapeutic environment with personal attention and multi-tiered behavioral and academic supports. Due to the pandemic, the school has been forced to operate remotely this academic year and the diverse population of students, who already face many challenges related not just to education, but to life itself, have adapted to the new educational platform.

    Click here for a transcript of this podcast.

    Creating a Patterned Tapestry of the Spoken Word

    English Professor Steven Dooner’s analysis of Amanda Gorman’s The Hill We Climb

    FEBRUARY 2021 PODCAST – Our celebration of Black History Month continues with today’s podcast featuring an analysis of the poem The Hill We Climb presented by Amanda Gorman during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. It features Quincy College English Professor Steven Dooner’s analysis of the rich allusions, references and wordplay woven into the texture of this densely patterned tapestry of spoken word. Professor Dooner, a teacher and performer of literature for over 30 years and a favorite among Quincy College students, teases out Ms. Gorman’s many evocations of the writings of African American poets, writers and leaders, a backdrop of reference that provided poignant and pointed context for the historic moment.

    Click here for a transcript of this podcast.

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