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Highlight Podcast with Students, Educators, and Pioneers in Education

JFY Podcast with Students, Teachers, and Pioneers in Education

Students at Needham High School, Dr. John Brown, Michael Horn, Isa Zimmerman, and Ed Lambert

Narrated by Greg Cunningham

JULY 2022 PODCAST – This month’s podcast features highlights from our podcasts during the past year, focusing on educational topics. Today you’ll hear excerpts from our conversations with Bayley, Jason, and Jack (students at Needham High School), Dr. John Brown, Michael Horn, Isa Zimmerman, and Ed Lambert as they discuss returning to the classroom at the start of the school year, the need for teachers to listen to their students, the importance of both individualized student learning and learning outside of the classroom and how MCAS may not be perfect but does measure if students have necessary skills to ensure success after high school. If you missed these or any of our podcasts, you can always find the full episodes wherever podcasts are available and on our website.


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