JFY Chats with Quincy College Professor Steve Dooner [Podcast]

JFY Chats with Quincy College Professor Steve Dooner

Narrated by Greg Cunningham

The link between history, literature, and our world view

APRIL 2022 PODCAST – Do the winners really get to write history? Quincy College Professor Steve Dooner does not think so and explains why on the April edition of the JFYNetWorks Podcast, which features the link between history, literature and our world view. Professor Dooner recently directed and appeared in a performance of the play The Audience by Peter Morgan, which was the inspiration for the Netflix hit series The Crown. He is also the co-author of Lizzie of Fall River, a play that explores the brutal 1892 murders of Andrew and Abby Borden in Fall River. Our conversation explores how history is written, why some only hear the version of news and history they want to hear and how science has an impact on the lens we use to view historic events.

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