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Free Online Academic Support For High School Students

MA High School Students: No Cost Online Academic Support Available

Brought to you by JFYNetWorks and DESE

JFYNetWorks offers schools and districts an opportunity to provide high school students with standards-aligned online math and ELA instruction through a special initiative with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (announced in Commissioner Riley’s March 1 Weekly Update). The goal of this initiative is to help students reach grade-level skills, recover learning loss, and reduce achievement gaps. It begins now and continues through the summer and the 2021-22 school year.

The program includes software curricula aligned to state standards and other district or teacher goals. JFY staff work closely with teachers to assess student needs, provide standards-based instruction, and measure student progress.  They provide ongoing support to teachers to monitor student participation, analyze performance data and adjust curriculum.   Key features are a wide range and variety of content, real-time performance measurement, and self-paced delivery that allows each student to learn at her own pace and in her own individual learning style.

The program consists of three basic elements:

  • Comprehensive online curricula with integrated assessments covering state and district standards and incorporating strategies for EL, SWD and other requirements;
  • A resource bank of tools and strategies including culturally relevant content to engage students and enrich and individualize instruction in ELA, math, science and social studies.
  • Ongoing teacher training and support in methods, materials and practices of online education.

JFYNetWorks, a Boston-based nonprofit, has been providing online academic support to schools since 2000. These services are available immediately and through the 2021-22 school year at no cost to schools through the DESE initiative. The program includes all instructional software, training and coaching for teachers, and teacher stipends for instructional time above and beyond contract hours. For more information email or…

Let's Get Started: Online Academic Support from JFYNet for DESE



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