High School Students Expand Reading Comprehension Skills [VIDEO]

Tools and strategies using JFYNet’s ELA software

Tools and strategies using JFYNet’s ELA software

Hosted by Greg Cunningham, Blended Learning Specialist

JFYNet is often called a test prep program. It’s true that one intended result of our online curriculum is to help students succeed on MCAS, Accuplacer and SAT, the standardized tests that weigh so heavily in the balance of their future options. But tests measure skills, and what we are really doing is helping students develop the skills that are measured on those tests.

It’s not an arbitrary academic exercise. No matter what a student might be planning for the future, language and math skills will be necessary for life beyond high school. Whether entering post-secondary education, a trade school or apprenticeship, the workforce or the military, strong reading, computing and problem solving skills are essential for success—and even for survival.

During the school shutdown, students can work remotely, with teacher support, to strengthen their skills using JFYNet’s online instructional software. This webinar provides information on how students can augment their reading comprehension skills using tools and strategies provided by JFY’s English Language Arts software.

Students who work diligently at home during the shutdown will have a marked advantage when school and life – and standardized testing–return to normal.

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