JFYNet Partner School Spotlight

JFYNet Partner School Spotlight

JFYNet Partner School Spotlight

By Patti Parisella, JFYNetWorks Fiscal Director

Our #JFYNetPartnerSchool spotlight series features stories about our partner schools and the good work they do for students and their communities.

What do you think of when you hear the words “college and career readiness”?  Do you think of pathways to college and careers?  Maybe you think of remedial college courses, or closing the achievement gap, or finding success in the workforce?

It can be easy to forget what all these outcomes have in common: Schools.  Incredible schools.  Schools that keep their communities vital by working to help young people develop the skills to thrive in college or technical training and in careers.

Innovative, forward- thinking schools seek and try out new ideas. They bring programs into their schools that have proven and meaningful impacts on student success.  JFYNet is one such program. We partner with high schools to help their students reach the goal of college and career readiness.  We want to change the facts that fewer than 50% of all Massachusetts high school graduates get any type of post-secondary degree, and that only 9% of low-income students do.  We know that young people without a degree are hampered in the competition for better jobs, higher incomes, and more comfortable lives.  We know that the biggest obstacle in the way of post-secondary education is remedial college courses.  Eliminating that obstacle is the purpose of our work with our partner schools.

We want to recognize these schools.   On the last Tuesday of each month JFY will be ‘Spotlighting JFYNetWorks Partner Schools.’ By sharing their stories, we hope to focus attention on all the good work these schools and their staffs do for their students and their communities.

Here’s our first #JFYNetPartnerSchool Spotlight:

Learn about becoming a JFYNet Partner School here.

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