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If It's Magic... Promising online strategies for the virtual academy

by Eileen Wedegartner

Effective online engagement practices

Since the shutdown in March, much of the discussion around remote learning has been a narrative of failure. I have been supporting teachers who are engaged in remote instruction, and I have observed a different story. I have seen the transition from in-class to remote not as a desperate failed experiment. What I have seen and participated in is an ongoing transformative adaptation that has required teachers and students to gain new skills and adapt old skills to a new model.

The Crafts and Art of Teaching

by Eileen Wedegartner, Blended Learning Specialist

Embracing techniques serving student success

Nothing can take the place of a teacher in a classroom. Nothing can supplant the role of the person who designs a lesson in which there is time to activate prior knowledge, impart new information, model how to use that information, and structure activities to practice and embed that process.