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JFY Partner School Spotlight - January 2019

Sometimes We Need to Be Reminded…
… that our schools are full of great kids, hard-working and creative teachers, overworked and underappreciated administrators, and effective programs.

Read more about some of these outstanding people, schools and communities in our series: Spotlighting JFYNetWorks Partner Schools… June 2019 edition.

Brockton High graduates ready to take on the world

“2019 was a powerhouse of beautiful and talented people.”

The Brockton High School Class of 2019 has changed the school and city through its passion and diversity. Looking ahead, its students have set their sights on having an impact on the world.

Despite coming from a city where people live in poverty, the Class of 2019 thrived where most of its members graduated, and many passed college-level courses. Read more.


East Boston High School Graduates the Class of 2019

“Graduation is supposed to be our happy day. I say supposed to be because perhaps it isn’t that way for everybody, as you all may have personal obstacles that you have to overcome. But today – this day – you should feel proud. The Class of 2019 is here for a reason. Life can feel beyond our control at times. But what I – what we – should remember is this: we possess the judgment to set our own boundaries and acknowledge what it is we desire.”

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Hilltoppers forever: Durfee High Class of 2019 heads into the future

“Today, we celebrate the end to an incredible journey,” said Class President Jasmine Manteiga. “Durfee is so much more than a school. We’re a family.”
He encouraged his fellow graduates to “pay it forward” in the years to come.

‘I ask you to be a much-needed leader in this world,” Neves said. “Spread positivity … be the light when darkness is all there is. Smile.’

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‘A big dream, and now we’re living it’

Siblings Marlice Fernandes and Immanuel Fernandes were two new immigrant students in 2015, when they arrived from Fogo, Cape Verde.

“It was hard in the beginning, not knowing the school, not knowing anybody, not knowing the language,” said Immanuel Fernandes.

Four years later, the Fernandes siblings have mastered Brockton High, excelling in academics and sports, and helping other immigrants acclimate to Brockton High. They graduated June 1 and are starting college at UMass Dartmouth in September.

Read more.


IBEW Local 103, Madison Park help graduates get head-start on college

Dorchester’s Angeline Santiago is graduating from Madison Park Technical Vocational High School this week and is already earning credits towards an associate degree thanks to a partnership between Madison Park and IBEW Local 103.

Santiago is a part of a dual enrollment program that has allowed her to work towards a degree at Roxbury Community College, providing her with skills that students at most high schools will not learn until their post-college careers.

“We create life-changing opportunities for students by offering innovative programs and partnerships that set students up for a lifetime of success.

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Madison Park MCAS Gain Leads State

The largest Proficient/Advanced gain in the state

by Gary Kaplan, JFYNetWorks Executive Director

MCAS scores for 2017 were released last month. JFY’s partner schools logged many good results, but Madison Park Technical Vocational High School was far and away the year’s high point.

Madison Park has come in for heavy criticism for many years. Every news story about school problems cites it as one of the lowest performing schools in the state. There is justification for concern: scores have historically been low and the school was demoted to Level 4 in 2015. In our skill-hungry labor market, it makes sense to be concerned: how can we support a burgeoning tech-based economy if Boston’s only vocational school can’t produce skilled workers?

Madison Park Technical Vocational High School Student

It’s Time for Madison Park To Get Some Respect

by Gary Kaplan

The Boston Globe Magazine’s recent article on vocational education (School of Work, 10/2/16) came down like a ton of raw concrete on Boston’s Madison Park Technical Vocational High School.  One commentator blamed Madison Park for “vocational education’s tarnished reputation in Massachusetts” while another recommended scrapping the school altogether and “start[ing] over again.”  There are legitimate reasons to be frustrated with Madison Park; but there are better options than the dumpster.