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Monthly Archives: June 2018

jfynet partner school 2018 grads

Congratulations to these all of the JFYNet Partner Schools… it has been our honor to help you on your way.

East Boston HS Valedictorian Ooviya Sathiyamoorthy’s 2018 Valedictory Address

I hope as my name-Ooviya-means “portrait” that you carry your names with awareness and respect for who you all are, because framed portraits can be beautiful, but when left to an unguarded world, they can become crooked too. I’m sure I’m quite the crooked-looking portrait… Click here to read the entire address.

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Power of Speech: Public SPeaking increases Confidence

by Greg Cunningham, Blended Learning Specialist

By now you’ve surely seen them, heard them, admired them. The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have been vocal, organized and poised when facing adulation or opposition. Their public speaking has been so good they’ve been accused of being actors. They have not played the typical role of victim. They’re not trolling for sympathy; they’re calling for action.

College Acceptance Letter - Springtime waiting angst

by Cathie Maglio, Blended Learning Specialist

It’s springtime, when students check their email and mailboxes for those letters from colleges. Everyone knows a thick packet means acceptance and a letter-size envelope means rejection. The wait is fraught.