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Monthly Archives: June 2016

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The Giving Common is Your Place for Informed Giving in Massachusetts

by Paula Paris, JFYNetWorks Deputy Director

JFYNetWorks is proud to announce our newly published profile now featured on The Giving Common, and we invite you to visit us there. In our profile you will find the most current and comprehensive in-depth look into JFYNetWorks – our programs, history, operations, staff, governance, finances, unique features, community impact, achievements and challenges – all in a reader-friendly format. We hope these narratives and data answer most of the questions you would want to ask about JFYNetWorks and that you will want to know even more.

JFYNet 2016 Partner Schools


We are exceedingly proud of JFYNet Partner Schools. The schools’ commitment to the success of their students is evident in all they do. We are especially proud of this year’s graduation classes. Congrats JFYNet Partner School Grads!

Rising to readiness through blended learning

Readiness through blended learning reaps benefits for all students.

by Eileen Wedegartner, Blended Learning Specialist

Since joining JFYNetWorks as a Blended Learning Specialist last fall, I have had the opportunity to visit many schools and interact with many students. Despite my many years of experience in the classroom and additional years in statewide education administration, this was a new and eye-opening experience. It has proved to be challenging, and extremely rewarding.

Having spent the better portion of my professional life working with students who face barriers to learning, I can empathize with their struggles and with the challenges their teachers face on a daily basis. As an educator, I have always believed that where there is a will, there is a way.