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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Education, Training and Career Plan

2/29/16 – Boston Globe published a letter to its editor by Gary Kaplan, Executive Director of JFYNetWorks and David Driscoll, former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education in response to the 2/17/16 piece ‘As boomers retire, growth may slow’ by Deirdre Fernandes.

Mr. Kaplan and Mr. Driscoll’s published response found here.

Your article “As boomers retire, growth may slow” (2/17/16) warns that a shrinking labor force depleted by massive retirements will cut our economic growth rate in half. The key sentence, “A dwindling labor force can mean flagging growth…fewer jobs, lower incomes, and less tax revenue…” threatens that even those who are still working will feel the bite of economic contraction. What is the solution for “a state and region whose main competitive advantage is a skilled and educated workforce?”

Every Student Succeeds Act needs EdTech to close Achievement Gaps

by Gary Kaplan, JFYNetWorks Executive Director

The new federal education law, the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” reverses 15 years of movement toward national standards and assessments with a Jeffersonian devolution of power to the states. The federal retreat had already been well underway as state after state abandoned the two national testing consortia and some repudiated the Common Core curriculum standards. Now that the federal government has finalized the return to state control over educational standards—the status quo ante No Child Left Behind– perhaps attention can be focused on the underlying issue: how to close the persistent gaps in international rankings, college readiness and minority achievement that still blemish the nation’s report card.