JFYNet Partner School Spotlight – Doing Great Things February 2019

JFYNet Partner School Spotlight – Doing Great Things February 2019

JFY Partner School Spotlight - January 2019

Sometimes We Need to Be Reminded…
… that our schools are full of great kids, hard-working and creative teachers, overworked and underappreciated administrators, and effective programs.

Read more about some of these outstanding people, schools and communities in our series: Spotlighting JFYNetWorks Partner Schools… February 2019 edition.

Mayor Arrigo Says State of the City Is Strong in Positive Address

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito acknowledges the many successes in Revere school district.

Arrigo noted the accomplishments of the Revere school district, saying that “the quality of our students directly reflects the quality of our teachers.” He signaled out the excellence of Revere High School advanced placement calculus teacher Erin Cronin. “In the past two years, all of her students have passed the AP Calculus exam,” said Arrigo. Read more here.

Source: RevereJournal.com

Millionaire-Driven Education Reform Has Failed. Here’s What Works

By the 1990s, once-cutting-edge Brockton High had become the state’s largest and poorest high school. Dysfunction, decimated budgets, teacher layoffs, and giant classes changed this once cutting-edge Brockton High School to the state’s largest and poorest. The community had enough. Enter a committee of teachers and administrators. Now the Brockton High School outperforms most other students in the state. Read more here.

Source: ineteconomics.org

Anonymous Donation Funds Scholarship for Brockton Students

The $100,000 donation will fund tuition and fees for Brockton HS students to enroll in science or vocational programs. College spokeswoman Sarah Yunits said that could include any vocational program, or a two-year program designed for students who plan to transfer into four-year colleges. “That’s where our students have need, and where the donor saw that the money could be best used.” Yunits said. The donor wants to remain anonymous. Read more here.

Source: EnterpriseNews.com

Durfee Students Accentuating the Positive in Fall River, Shirt by Shirt

This winter, a group of students from B.M.C. Durfee High School collaborated on a project, a shirt that bears the phrase, “I Am Fall River.”

“There’s controversy going on in the city,” said Durfee Class President Kyle Neves, a senior. “And we’re saying, ‘Hey, controversy doesn’t define our city, we define our city.'” Since then, the community “It’s been great just to see people have pride in Fall River,” said Helena Neves. “And the fact that it was a group of high school kids who came up with it, and it turned into a movement — and it really is a movement — it’s just wonderful.” Read more here.

Source: HeraldNews.com

Local Students Receive DAR’s Good Citizens Awards

The Good Citizen Award and Scholarship Essay Program recognizes a high school senior chosen by their school who fulfills the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.

The essay topic is undisclosed until the time it is to be written. This year’s topic was “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility for Preserving It” with a focus question “What new challenges will America face as we move forward into the future?” This year’s winning essay at the chapter level was B.M.C. Durfee High School senior Kyle Neves.” Read more here.

Source: HeraldNews.com


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