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Online Reading Program: IEP/504 Accommodations & Support in Class & Remotely

SPECIAL ED: Individualized Education Program with JFYNet

by Greg Cunningham, Learning Specialist

The Boston Public Schools announced Friday that they will open the school year with all-remote instruction. With that announcement, all the largest districts in the state, and 30% of all districts, have opted for a fully remote opening. Most other districts have chosen hybrid. Both models rely on online instruction. Meeting the needs of all students with online instruction will be a challenge across the board, but especially for students with special needs.

The Power of Reading. Be Empowered, Get Inspired

Get Inspired

by Eileen Wedegartner, Blended Learning Specialist

I can remember the moment in childhood when I was first able to read independently. We were on our annual drive to the Berkshires, a family tradition. As we got onto Route 2 I began to read the signs excitedly to my father. I read each exit number and the names of the towns. “Mohawk Trail” was easy but “Leominster” and “Winchendon” were more challenging. I distinctly remember being in the back seat of the big blue Ford LTD with my dad in the front, feeling his pride as I nailed sign after sign all by myself.

Understand the Changes in the ELA Next-Gen MCAS 2.0 [WEBINAR]

Preparation for the 2020 ELA Test

This prerecorded webinar will help teachers, parents and students understand the changes in the ELA Next-Gen MCAS 2.0 and prepare for the 2020 ELA test, addressing 2019 content changes, format and question distribution changes, and technology-enhanced Items. Information about JFYNet Online Solutions and Program Support is also included.