Latest News

Latest News

March 23, 2017: Speaker Robert DeLeo, JFY’s Chairman Otis Gates and Others Reminisce | Event in Boston, MA

February 28, 2017: JFYNetWorks Introduces Their NEW MONTHLY SERIES: #JFYNetPartnerSchool Spotlight | Patti Parisella

November 11, 2016: How to Achieve Diversity in Boston and Massachusetts Business | Gary Kaplan, Executive Director of JFYNetWorks and David Driscoll, former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education. | Originally published by the Boston Business Journal

October 24, 2016: Don’t Scrap Madison Park: It’s Time for Madison Park To Get Some Respect | Gary Kaplan

January 2016: JFYNet Saves Students $1 mm, Targeted instruction eliminates 2000 remedial courses | JFYNetWorks announces that its JFYNet College Readiness program has saved students over $1 million in tuition and fees for remedial college courses. | Press Release

November 6, 2015: ‘Pre-medial’ Education: Heading Off the Need for Remedial Coursework in College with JFYNetWorks‘ intervention programming. Webcast at Washington’s Fordham Institute | Article and on-demand webcast

October 26. 2015: Closing the College Readiness Gap – JFYNetWorks on Panelist Event November 5th | JFYNetWorks Joins Fordham Institute as Panelist on Live Webcast | Press Release

May 19, 2015: JFYNetWorks: Announcing Launch of JFYNetWorks Redesigned Website | by Patti Parisella

May 5, 2015: JFYNetWorks: Innovation in our DNA | JFYNetWorks has re-invented itself –again. Now we’re in the forefront of College and Career Readiness. | by Gary Kaplan

April 18, 2015: Education Does Reduce Inequality | Op-ed response 4/17/15 – The Wall Street Journal

April 16, 2015: Tommy Chang, Boston’s new school superintendent, made his first public appearance Tuesday evening at the EdVestors ShowcaseTommy Chang, Boston’s new school superintendent, made his first public appearance Tuesday evening at the EdVestors Showcase.

March 1, 2015: Unprepared for Community College | The main reason for community colleges’ low graduation rate is low academic skills.The Wall Street Journal published a recent letter to its editor penned by Gary Kaplan, Executive Director of JFYNetWorks.

February 2, 2015: “Higher education is not producing enough graduates to supply the state’s work force.” – Lowell Sun 2/1/15 | By Amelia Pak-Harvey

December 12, 2014: “College grad pipeline springs remedial leaks, ‘We can’t afford waste of human resources’By David Driscoll and Gary Kaplan, Commonwealth Magazine (online).

December 4, 2014: “JFYNetWorks Announces Commitment to Expand College Access at White House Event”