College and Career Readiness through Blended Learning

About Us


College and Career Readiness through Blended Learning

Creating Opportunity

JFYNetWorks is a non-profit innovator that uses blended learning to help high school students reach the goal of college and career readiness. We work closely with schools to bring online resources into the classroom and empower teachers to customize instruction to the individual needs of their students.

  • Our online blended learning program helps teachers promote student success, reduce achievement gaps, and prepare students for college.
  • Our “Standards Plus” library of online resources covers all state, Common Core, and college standards.
  • JFYNet provides instruction to more than 5,000 students per year.
  • The JFYNet Partnership  Model

We believe that by channeling our services through  partnerships with high schools, community colleges, and adult literacy programs, we can make more efficient use of the existing facilities, equipment, and personnel. This will lead to increased efficiency and building these institutions’ capacities to sustain our innovative practices. By utilizing existing infrastructure, we can reach more students, create a stronger impact, and maintain sustainable costs.

We take a proactive approach to improving high school graduation rates and college achievement. Our consultative partnership model allows us to:

  • Increase our service capacity from a few hundred per year to several thousand
  • Reduce our costs per student from several thousand dollars to a few hundred

We consider three parameters to ensure sustainability:

  • Expansion— making the program available to more students in more schools
  • Integration— embedding the program more deeply into schools and districts
  • Articulation— linking high schools and colleges directly so that students qualify for credit-bearing courses while still in high school

Organizational Profile

JFYNetWorks is a non-profit provider of blended learning programs to high schools, community agencies, and community colleges. Throughout our 35 year history of education and training innovation, JFYNetWorks has applied our expertise and resources to address the root causes of disenfranchisement, underemployment, and poverty.

Our organization was founded in 1976 under the name Jobs For Youth. Our goal at that time was to help high school dropouts find jobs. During the 1980s, we developed a competency-based instructional system which led to a GED program and an alternative high school, a forerunner of charter schools.  In the 1990s, we expanded again with the development of pioneering skill training programs in biotechnology, entrepreneurship, health care, financial services, and environmental technology.  In 2000, we applied our competency-based educational techniques to MCAS preparation and introduced the use of digital content.  This early blended learning program, later expanded to Accuplacer, was called JFYNet. In 2003 we changed our name to JFYNetWorks.