Dr. Marrapodi: Artificial Intelligence Impact on Education, Work, Society [Podcast]

Dr. Marrapodi, artificial intelligence impact on education, work, society

with Gary Kaplan, introduction by Greg Cunningham

JFY's Gary Kaplan chats with Dr. Marrapodi

This month’s podcast features Dr. Michael Marrapodi, the Dean of Academic Affairs and, Cambridge College Global at Cambridge College. In a recent conversation with JFY’s Executive Director Gary Kaplan, they discussed the latest developments in artificial intelligence and how they may impact education, work, and society in general.

Podcast Highlights

  • AI has been around a long time [00:03:14]
  • Will it destroy education? [00:05:11]
  • It’s already in wide use [00:08:55]
  • Previous advances have made us well prepared [00:12:40]
  • Critical thinking [00:20:20]
  • Human interaction [00:21:41]
  • Moving a lot faster [00:39:09]
  • The human element [00:52:13]

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