JFYNet Closes Learning Gaps, Pandemic loss eliminated; achievement gaps closed.

Pandemic loss eliminated; achievement gaps closed.

by Gary Kaplan

As we enter the new year and move toward spring,  JFY reiterates our offer of FREE academic support in the form of our  JFYNet online tutoring program.  The attached blog post and links summarize our post-pandemic history. We have had encouraging results with two main goals: closing the pandemic gap overall and closing achievement gaps with high needs students.

JFY worked with 16 schools around the state and 7000 students last year. Our objective is to help bring every student, including all subgroups, to  grade level in math and ELA, and to reach college and career readiness as a foundation for long-term success.  Specific applications include:

  • Teacher Support: Year-round personal support from our staff of experienced Learning Specialists.
  • Teacher Shortage: Online academic support helps sustain continuity of instruction by supplementing the efforts of teachers or, if necessary, substituting for teachers during periods when none are available.
  • Curriculum support: Core online instruction to reinforce and supplement curricula in regular classes or in credit recovery.
  • Assessment of students’ skills using our own tools or school data to diagnose learning needs.
  • Customized online curriculum to address identified skill gaps in ELA and math. JFYNet gives teachers the tools to provide individualized tutoring.
  • Scaffolded online instruction to address individual student needs, with specialized adaptations for EL students and students with disabilities.
  • MCAS preparation and instruction focused on frequently occurring curriculum standards over the 3 years of 10th grade MCAS 2.0 and the 5 years of 6-8, with practice tests. MCAS results are the product of a sustained focus on grade-level skills.
  • Early College: Enhanced academic and personal preparation and support for early college courses.  

The key feature of JFYNet is the year-round personal support our staff provide for teachers. Our Learning Specialists train teachers in the use of our software and continue to advise and problem-solve via email, text, phone and live visits throughout the year. They monitor student performance and compile regular reports with recommendations on instructional strategies. 

All JFY content is aligned to the Massachusetts state standards. JFYNet has been approved by the state since 2000. DESE funding enables us to offer JFYNet Academic Support free to middle and high schools.     

The JFYNet program is very user-friendly.  We’d be glad to discuss how we can fit into your schedule and help meet your goals.  Please drop an email to info@jfynet.org  to set up a phone call or Zoom.

Gary Kaplan is the executive director of JFYNetWorks.

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