JFY Goes to Summer School

JFY Goes to Summer School

JFY Goes to Summer School

Reaching Goals, Closing Gaps

Free academic support for schools

The disruptions of the past two years have left many students struggling to keep up with academic goals. MCAS data from the two most recent years, 2019 and 2021, show declines in both reading and math in grades 3 through 8, with especially sharp double-digit drops in math in every grade. (There was no MCAS in the Covid shutdown year 2020.) Achievement gaps between groups have widened. Schools are struggling to develop strategies to recover unfinished learning and close gaps. Summer school is the next opportunity.

JFY is stepping up to help middle and high schools address these student needs this summer with our JFYNet academic support. Applying our standards–aligned online curriculum in ELA and Math, we aim to help students recover interrupted learning, meet grade-level standards, close skill gaps, prepare for MCAS and other assessments, and pursue credit recovery. Thanks to a state grant, we are able to offer the program free to Massachusetts public middle and high schools.

JFYNet academic support is a “blended learning” model– online resources deployed to support live instruction. The teacher leads instruction and folds online tasks into the class schedule as needed. Teachers control whether to use JFYNet as core curriculum support, as individualized differentiated scaffolded instruction, as MCAS review or as credit recovery. Students work in their assessment-driven learning plan during class, after school or at home. JFY provides the resources needed to support the teacher’s plan, including specialized adaptations for EL and students with disabilities.

To buttress the customized standards-aligned curriculum, JFYNet includes teacher training and personal support, student performance monitoring, and assessment options. JFY furnishes all necessary materials, methods and tools, along with on-call teacher support from program staff. Setup is quick and easy.

JFY has been conducting this state-approved academic support program since 2000. It is also approved by the Boston Public Schools. Teachers and administrators can request more information at info@jfynet.org.

JFYNetWorks is a Boston-based nonprofit provider of online learning resources, training and support.

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