JFYNetWorks Staff Wrap Up Year

JFYNetWorks Staff Wrap Up Year

JFYNetWorks Staff

JFYNetWorks Staff Wrap Up Year With Thanks

by Gary Kaplan, JFYNetWorks Executive Director

The school year isn’t over until you’ve counted up the numbers. Last week, the staff of JFYNetWorks finished tallying the results of the 2015-16 year. We had over 3600 students working on college readiness in our 13 Massachusetts schools and two out of state. They logged thousands of hours of blended instruction in reading and math and gained tens of thousands of points on our assessment tests. On the crucial metrics of remedial courses eliminated and tuition and fees saved, they did themselves, and us, proud. They eliminated more than 460 remedial college courses and saved $272,000 in tuition and fees that can now be invested in credit-earning courses. Added to our previous totals, JFYNetWorks has helped students eliminate 2500 remedial courses and save $1,371,000. If we look happy in this picture, that’s why.

We would like to end this year by thanking all our school partners and our college collaborators. Without their cooperation JFYNet could not work. We also want to thank our funders, public and private. No need to explain why they’re important. Most of all, we congratulate our students all over Massachusetts and halfway down the seaboard for their dedication and perseverance. They took up the challenge of college readiness and met it head on. They showed that college readiness can be attained in high school. All it takes is focus, commitment, and a lot of hard work.

Now it’s time for a brief vacation before we start gearing up for September.

Left to right:
Seated: Cathie Maglio, Eileen Wedegartner
Standing: Gary Kaplan, Paula Paris, Patti Parisella, Greg Cunningham
Present in spirit: Joan Reissman
Photo by: Maddie Kaplan


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